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>>> curfew order. all u.s. forces in japan face an unprecedented nighttime restriction after two navy sailors are accused of raping a woman in okinawa. welcome to nhk world "newsline." american military personnel in japan will be watching the clock for the foreseeable future. their commanders imposed a temporary curfew following a case of rape in okinawa involving two u.s. servicemen. the order applies to all of the nearly 40,000 american military personnel stationed across the country. nhk world reports. report. >> reporter: the commander of u.s. forces in japan made the announcement in tokyo. >> under u.s. paycom commander authority i am immediately issuing a curfew to all military personnel in japan both temporary and assigned. >> lieutenant general salvatore angelella says the curfew will be in place from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. it will apply to all u.s. forces in japan, including those who come here for a short time. the decision follows the arrests earlier this week of two u.s. navy sailors. they are accused of raping a woman in okinawa. the pair is being held at the japane
one of the greats we know it's true for when you graced us -- our town of san francisco our golden sun will shine on new -- you ♪ [applause] mr. bennett. ♪ it only takes a tiny corner of this great big world to find a place that you love you have brought us so much joy you are a golden boy we love to have you here in our great towner of -- town of san francisco open your golden gates san francisco here is your wondering words singing other places only make me love you better you are the heart of all the gold in the world san francisco welcome me home again i'm coming home ♪ [applause] >> keep the applause going for the fabulous lisa malone. that was just terrific. [applause] i almost wore the same thing today. [laughter] would have been so awkward. [laughter] no, she was fantastic. now, everyone, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our host, the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san been cisco, the honorable edwin m. lee -- the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco. [applause] mayor lee: wow, welcome to city hall. and thank you, beach blanket
). >> so they use the surroundings and big jars and they used to have water or other type was drinks. >> (speaking spanish). >> covered with leather skin. >> (speaking spanish). >> and they make the drums. >>. >> (speaking spanish). (drums). (applause). >> (speaking spanish). >> this instrument is called dungo. >> spr (speaking spanish). >> we have two but only one was used. >> (speaking spanish). >> this is one that was used north of the capital. >> (speaking spanish). >> in the cities of the country >> (speaking spanish). >> when he was a child he was able to see those instruments and on extension today. (drums). (applause) . >> this is a donkey's jaw. it could be a horse or a donkey. >> donkey's jaw. >> and it's played by spiking it and to make the rattle sound and also creates this. (applause). >> (speaking spanish) sorry. (speaking spanish). >> this is the kahita and it is created as the -- i don't know that word. how do you say that? the piggy bank. you know where the boxes and the churches collect money? yeah. this is the original he here. yeah. >> (speaking spanish) (l
. no financial decision is expected to be made at this summit. >> checking in on the markets. u.s. stock prices closed yesterday as mixed corporate earnings. for more details let's going to ching lee. can you tell us more about the volatilities in the market. >> reporter: u.s. markets took a hit. the results which were released prematurely by mistake showed a sharp drop in profits. let's take a look at how it's moving markets in tokyo this friday morning. both the nikkei and the topix down. t the nikkei managed to close at a three-week high yesterday. today we're expecting china's flash business sentiment. also we'll be tracking the reaction of high-tech stocks and the reaction to the poor earnings results. ramin. >> there's a lot of speculation right now in the markets about what it's going to result from the ongoing eu summit. any progress on that? >> reporter: we can expect some heated debates between germany and france and over how a single supervisory body should go on. there's the issue of whether the euro zone should be put under central control. some heated debate there. one headline th
to depression and suicide not only among victims but also bullies and use witnesses to frequent bullying have increased risk of alcohol, drug use or depression and anxiety. and of the california state education code states that bullying is prohibited and may be grounds for suspension. whereas all students have the right to be safe in school, be respected and not be harassed. and whereas a usd is committed to providing a strong plan to assess the law that addresses bullying in schools. we are emphasizing restorative practice and an approach to discipline and aims to change the behaviors and opportunities the opportunity for for those who have been bullied and a clear anti-slur policy as well as antidiscrimination policy and a transgender policy in the state for the ongoing effort to save the students for the student, staff families. and i will hand it over to the student delegate. >> whereas we investigate every bullying complaint and advises families who feel that their child is being bullied to call or e-mail your child's teacher or principal to describe what is happening and ask for help. r
are comfortable calling before anything happens with out fear of having us say, no, we are going to shut it down. we want to work with you to make it happen, but it means as safely as possible. certainly, alcohol always played a role as well as the age of the patrons, and on and on. again, please give us a chance to further develop the trust that we have been building over the last several years. some of the questions that they ask, or issues that they speak to, like the alcohol licensing unit, that is because i heard you with regard to working with licenses, having security plans so there can be one pinpoint that everything can pass through. commanders are the successors and hopefully it will be around a while and always be resourced. it is really important that you take our input and that we come out for a safer event and that people are going to want to come to san francisco and that they will not have any trepidation again, i think the fact that everything is booming right now in san francisco would go a long way to say that we kind of got this thing figured out, but we can always get better
>>> that's what's making news in america this morning. p. >> stay with us for "good morning america. . >>> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> as you head out for the morning commute new information you need to know the mta can listen in on your conversations on the buses. >> young boys preyed upon by men they trusted. now the boy scouts releases thousands of pages detailing the accusations. how many cases were reported in the baltimore area. >> two women videotaped in the privacy of their homes police have pictures of the peeping tom but he is on the loose. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. on friday you want to know what the weather is light and hopefully right now is not an indication of the rest of the weekend. >> let's stand by with a check of the forecast. getting people out the door and looking ahead to the weekend. >> we have wet weather and lightning and thunderstorms and right now some showers just moving in across the area. things beginning to taper off from the south to the north this morning. and all thi
. the president has coined romnesia. he should keep using it. sometimes the republicans have had such great success with turns of phrase such as swift voting, the quick one off to think a certain way about a certain person. romnesia is the perfect way to describe exactly what afflicts mitt romney when it comes to his own record. day we have an interesting round of good news for the president which is he has gotten endorsements today from the denver post, the tampa bay times. the salt city tribune. yes, the salt city tribune, an utah paper endorsing obama. that's good for him. he seems to have stopped the bleeding according to a lot of polls, however, he has got to go into the next debate, the next set of questions and smile. we need a president who sat there and smile, we need the president reassure us. when we see him smile everybody is happy. he has a number of things he needs to talk about. the supreme court, climate change, iraq and the fiscal cliff. he has not talked at all about the fiscal cliff. it is coming. whoever is elected will be totally responsible for that. he went on "the da
the hetch hetchy valley and stop using it as a reservoir so it can be restored by the national park service, increase flows on the lower tuolome river and decrease storm water discharge into the bay and the ocean. proposition f would allocate 8 million dollars to pay for the plan and create a 5-member task fers to develop it. i'm here with mike marshal, the executive director of restore hetch hetchy and a proponent of proposition f we're also joined by district 7 supervisor, sean he elsbernd, representing the save hetch hetchy no on f campaign. gentlemen, thanks so much for taking the time to be with us today. >> thank you. >> mike, i'd like to give you the opportunity to make a brief statement of your work on the proposition. >> wonderful, thank you. proposition f is about san francisco's values, it's about their environmental values. in real short explanation, it requires the city to develop a plan for the future to guarantee our water security and begin to undo the damage that our current water system does to the environment. the plan would then be brought back to the voters in 2016 f
also have the director of hud here and he is going to lead us and then we will have mayor lee up in a moment. >> thank you very much and it really is a privilege to be here with you today and to build on henry's comments and it's extraordinary that the grants across the country that were awarded to hud two of them are in the same state and it's more extraordinary that both of them are in the same city, san francisco so congratulations. [cheers and applause] so for context i just want to mention a few things and this is no news to all of you here in the room and the people standing up with me today, but today in america more than 10 million people are living in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty and limited investment and opportunities for themselves and their children, and we know that one of the most important factors in determining the economic and financial success of peoples whether or not a child grows up in those high poverty neighborhoods? a. the fact that we can predict health, education outcomes of children based on the zip code, where they live is really a tragedy an
people have said to me, how do we make it better with a sibling? what changed for us was the first thing that happened is, this is now my rule 1, take action. i flew out to the orchards, i panicked after 9/11. i would never get this better. what was i going to do? like everyone in new york and america, we were so traumatized with 9/11. i said to my husband, i am going to go out to the orchards. >> this is before you knew he was sick? >> i knew. he was still going full speed and no one would have known he was sick. he wasn't really sick, he just had his medical condition. i said i am going to go surprise him. i spent 2 days. >> simply because the world is coming to an end? >> i felt compelled. it was the moment i knew i had to turn the page. you just know. there is something that happens to you, i am going to turn the page. i was panicked. i was surprising him, he would have said no, i am too busy, i don't want you here. i spent a day running all over new york city trying not to freak out about the sirens buying flannel clothes, the right things for the orchard. this is ridiculous, i wear
, sometimes we're in deployment, many of us are home owners and we live in that community. we are part of that community as well. just like the guard, we have an interest in protecting our friends and neighbors. sustainment is, it's important to us and we'll maintain it especially on the region side. we're able to have these long-standing relationships while the operating force side goes forward and supports the on-going efforts, we are able to stay back here and sustain those relationships. >> just to follow on that, the navy squadrons that provide fire fighting capability are a combination of active and reserve components. one benefit of reserve components is more longevity is pilots in the squadrons. you may have people who have been there for 6, 7 years and have seen multiple fires. that mutual trust is absolutely essential to this capability. >> a couple things that come it mind real briefly, we're talking about wild and land fires primarily but rest assured amongst the group here we're always thinking in an all rest capacity. cal fire's mission is we are the state's fire dep
, it is pretty out there. [laughter] >> sort of spices up the meeting. >> for us, i think the most important thing we are offering is something quintessentially san francisco. something that they cannot find anywhere else. we have two fetish fares in san francisco. there are only three other cities in the world that do that. new york, toronto, and berlin. i have been to all three and they are not nearly the same size as well we produced, or nearly as diverse. what we are always thinking about is what we are offering people that is so quintessentially san francisco that we get -- it cannot be gotten anywhere else. we are also told the switching of the entertainment this year. we have dance areas where the slides used to be. i think that for us it is about making sure that people, even if they came to san francisco in particular five years ago, that they are not experiencing the fight -- the same thing. it speaks to one of the priorities. the never-ending city. or something. i do not remember, exactly, but it is the same basic concept. even if you come here several times over and over, you wil
misconduct. >>> plus -- hear that alarm? a car payment is due. a device that reminds us in the most annoying way. >> unheard of in the history of the game. how great were they? >> justin verlander leaves the cheers for miguel cab rerra. >>> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. i'm carol costello. we begin with breaking news out of the middle east where a car bomb has rocked the city of beirut. at least five people have been injured. three of them seriously in the attack. nick paton walsh describing the scene as one of chaos. we will continue to monitor the story and bring any new developments. >>> on to politics but not the kind you are probably used to. take a deep breath and laugh. the presidential candidates and their wives skipped the campaign trail and hit the circuit, a new way perhaps to reach out to undecided voters. ann romney went to "the view." michelle obama went to kelly ripa. and the alford e. smith memorial dinner, a roast featuring presidential candidates. >> earlier today i went shopping at stores in mid town. i understand governor romney went shopping for some stores
the part about the -- there's a calmly tree, there's no rubbing tree that animals use, that was cal lea's old tree, i was hoping we could find a better resting spot for the hippo, it usually doesn't have much to do in the daytime so they have it projected out in front and they have the water hole there and it's all sloped down into the water hole so now that they're doing filtration, i would like to commend the zoo staff in getting the filtration going. the part that i thought would be very simple being this is the park and rec commission is that they come up with a tree that have leaves that hang over them so the hydration of the skin be better. can you give them a place to lie down, a little resting spot, and that's all, other than that, i think the zoo has taken the extra measure in trying to hire a wellness professor that looks into the psychological wellness of animals. >> is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are on item 7, the marina degaussing station. >> good morning, commimanager, costello with the department and i'm pleased
-care centers-- and we'll listen to their teachers as they describe some of the methods they use to enhance their children's learning. what's in there? what is that? [bell jingling] what is it? what is it? is it a sponge? hendrick: the foundations of learning begin right here because children begin to learn right from the start. the most important thing i believe we can teach our children, no matter what their age, is that they are valued. hi hi, sweetie. oh, no! ♪ one wheel's off, and the axle's broken ♪ ♪ one wheel's off, the axle's broken ♪ ♪ one wheel's off, the axle's broken ♪ ♪ now we can't ride phillip, how can we fix it? with a, um, wrench. how does a wrench work? show me. whoosh. can you guys do that? hendrick: unless children have this basic sense of self-worth, i believe it's unrealistic to expect them to open themselves to and embrace the challenge of learning and problem solving. the more traditional and conventional way to teach children is by providing lots of facts and information, often originating from books, work sheets, and flashcards. this is how we learne
spilled over into lebanon. the u.s. presidential candidates blanket their base. an actress makes a big impression on the silver screen. she takes it all in stride. >> it is great to have that attention but not too much. i don't want to get too excited. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. there are fears that the conflict in service is spilling over. an official has been killed by a huge car bomb in beirut. the leading opponent is bashar al-assad. syria's leader is being accused of being behind the bombing. >> they rushed to eastern beirut. this was as the weekend was about to begin. the bomb went off in a crowded mainly christian district of the city. local tv stations were broadcasting images of burned out cars and images of wounded people. 8 people were killed and as many as 100 were injured. the main target was a brigadier general, the chief security official in lebanon. he had recently implicated syria and its lebanese allies, hezbollah, for the killing of the prime minister. he was a fierce critic of syria. this will create shockwaves in th
. use interstate 70 instead. that will be nice and clear. and if you are headed out to 95, here's a live look at the south side at interstate 195. traffic is moving along. no delays heading down to dc and everything will be nice and clear heading through the fort mchenry tunnel. 695 g's to be in -- going to be in great shape. an 11 minute right on outer loop from 95 up to 83. and no problems to report on the west side of the beltway. just 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. >>> news time 5:31. they are watching and listening to you on your ride to and from woman. the mta says it's for your safety but some say it goes too far. sherrie johnson is here and we have covered crimes on buses before. i suppose this is in response to that. >> reporter: yes, it is. mta wants to use cameras to beef up security and keep passengers safe. there's 10 cameras on every bus. four outside and 6 inside recording your every move and word. the mta has had surveillance video but -- but audio was off li
foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their expertise in global finance to guide you through the business strategies and opportunities of international commerce. we put our extended global network to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is "bbc world news america," from washington. a massive bomb blast rips through the heart of beirut. fears that the violence and syria has spilled over into lebanon. the u.s. presidential candidates blanket their base. an actress makes a big impression on the silver screen. she takes it all in stride. >> it is great to have that attention but not too much. i don't want to get too excited. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. there are fears that the conflict in service is spilling over. an official has been killed by a huge car bomb in beirut. the leading opponent is bashar al-assad. syria's leader is being accused of being behind the bombing. >> they rushed to eastern beirut. th
hub for many students of -- middle school. there were any other passenger who wants to use that particular line,ijcayi>> chairman nolan: thank you. >> wilson habib. he's the last person who has turned in a speaker card. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. i know that whatever i say, it is not going to change your mi mind. but i've been serving san francisco for the last more than 10 years. i've been taking people to hospitals, i've been taking people to, you know, your family, your family members, to whatever they want to go. proudly serving the san francisco for more than 10 years. but in return, what i've been waiting -- the waiting list more than eight years. in return what i got is nothing. we offer mta more than the company -- what the company
not appear concerned that the u.s. and libyan authorities may be trailing him. >>> decades of boy scout documents previously confidential are now public record. the so-called perversion files detail thousands of cases of alleged sexual abuse by more than 1200 scout leaders and volunteers. the files cover a 20-year period from 1965 to 1985. the head of the boy scouts of america is expressing his regrets. >> there's no question that there are times in the past that these go back to 40, 50 years old, where we did not do the job that we should have. and for that, and for people -- and for that we're profoundly sorry. and i am convinced that this organization has a firm and ever-lasting deep commitment to youth protection. >> today the scouts require background checks on all volunteers. >>> federal health officials say a batch of steroids was definitely tainted with a deadly fungus. now this is a first official confirmation linking the back pain shots with a deadly meningitis outbreak. it's left 20 people dead and infected more than 250 people in 16 states. the fda is testing two more batche
>> kimberly: that is a wrap. that is it for us. watch for special preview edition of "the five" at #:00 eastern this sunday. >> bret: new documents from state department reveal how concerned the ambassador to libya was about the security and washington kept ignoring him. up until his murder. this is "special report." >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. hours before the murder, chrissteins wrote a cable to his bosses at the state department, reiterating months of previous cables that security in benghazi and libya in general spiraling out of control. from several of more than 150 pages of official state department documents released today. as part of an expansive house investigation. james rosen has the latest. good evening. >> good evening. although the documents were written in the usual bureaucratic style of diplomats and security officers they take on the added poignancy. impact on read they're ranges from saddening to chilling. >> on the day he died, september 11, u.s. ambassador to libya, chrissteins signed a three-page cable labeled "sensitive" where he alerted the sta
points. we want to hear from you. use the hash tag fox 5 d.c. you decide to the two your thoughts and we'll be using them for the new show we're doing as election day approaches. fox 5 news edge you decide 2012 will focus on local and national candidates and issues during the final two weeks of the campaign that starts monday night at 6:30 p.m. on fox 5. >>> and tougher gun has could be an issue for the -- gun laws could be an issue for the next president. the number of federally licensed retail gun dealers is on the rise. ahead of president obama's 2008 win, fears of a democratic president issuing stricter gun control led to an initial spike in sales. at the time, the dealers saw some of the highest profit margins. antigun rights advocates say lobbyists are trying to make voters handle they're running out of time to have the right to bear arms. >> the fact that he had done nothing to take away people's guns in his first term and that is evident why he's going to do that in the second term. >> won't to make sure we have it taken care of before they pull the plug on it. >> and the federal
. so did steve jobs pursuing their own interest they make us all richer. >> that is why bill gates did have a generous piece of cake. but the quality with the infinite number of case in the quality tends to compound itself we want you to have the government program and the quality rhodes to help your cake get baked in the first place. >> that is historically inaccurate. look at less government in our history, people think the rich that are richer but it was rockefeller, carnegie, they came with nothing. that made the rest of us will be your. john: that is the key. >> i would quibble. john: rockefeller did not make the rest of us wealthier? >> blaming 8146 us? noboby is saying there should not be incentives broke we want the g.i. bill bill, good public schools, roads that help the next generation of companies john: inequality makes me uncomfortable but by letting them until their creed. >> there has been an economic recovery 1% has gone to waste . john: bet lead is better than zero. >> at ast to do with the fact the government is way too big and promising more taxes if the current admin
of technology, the technology you see behind us, sure feels more certain and more tangible than google's technology after today's brutal shortfall. and you know what? that's the main reason why we came out to the industrial heartland today, to examine firsthand the manufacturing belt that used to be rusty, but that rust has been washed off by good new american know-how and yes, a hefty dose of cheap american power brought to you by the oil and gas shale that lies beneath thousands of feet below the ground. and actually just a few miles from where i stand. we're examining a renaissance you probably haven't even heard about. we had to come to this small corner of northeast ohio to believe it ourselves. because it is that magical. you'll see tonight how bearings made at this timken factory behind me help chesapeake drill for oil and gas in the utica shale that is then shipped via spectra, the pipeline company, to reach homes all over the country, including those serviced by our country's largest utility, american electric power. we're going to talk to the executives at each of these compa
and john hawk are going to talk to us. >> plus legendary franky valle. >> see you at "scandalous." industry. that's the heat that forged america's backbone. that's the fire of american steel. reignited by the flurry of energy and development in pennsylvania and ohio. tonight "mad money" is in the heart of steel country to show you how the biggest oil and gas discoveries in a decade are putting a fire back under an industry left for dead. it's all heating up and we're reinvesting in america now! ♪ >>> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to the timken faircrest steel plant in the heart of steel and nat gas and oil country. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you. did you ever think an ohio steel mill could be so cozy? i know i never did. but on a day when internet wonder boy google reported disappointing earnings, causing the entire stock market to tumble, the dow giving up eight points, s&p .24%, but the nasdaq nose-diving 1.01%, i've got to tell you, i feel pretty darn comfort
. >> okay. item six please be advised that use of cell phonings, pagers and similar electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal of the meeting room of any person that uses one of these devices. please be advised that a member of the public has three minutes to make comments on each item. >> good afternoon. thank you for joining today. i have a short executive director's report and the first item happened a week ago saturday and i wanted to share with you. there was a pleasure craft vessel with three people board that was out on the bay and in the course on the bay they struck little alcatraz rock which is located on the west side of the island. in the impact tour a fairly sizable hole in the boat's hull. they were able to get over to the fisherman wharf's area and hook up for a barge doing construction for us and run by vortex who is doing the promenade work and the u.s. ghost guard and marine vessel unit responded to assist this vessel and helped the auntie am and needed the help of the vertex so she could be appropr
that are still out there, and engage in a big discussion about whether all of us are going to have to do to convince the public that this thing is worth saving, being public education. if we can answer that question, we know how far we will have to go to make a compelling case that we're giving every child that comes into public education and opportunity to hit the ball out of the park. and where teachers are -- with the type of professionalism and respect they deserve. this is, i go back, beat it is again. the wisconsin situation made it so much harder to have that conversation than it's ever be been. >> we will let joe have the last word. please join me in thanking joe and terry for a great discussion. [applause] 's. let me say it again. in less than two weeks, big, big, big study coming out on the powethepower of unions state-by. look for to the. finally, the video of this event will be up momentarily. thanks for joining us. stay tuned for the our next event which will be in the middle of november which will be a plug on my book. we look forward to seeing you then. thanks so much. [in
died, september 11, u.s. ambassador to libya, chrissteins signed a three-page cable labeled "sensitive" where he alerted the state department and other agencies to deal with growing problems in security in benghazi. lamenting that the security forces were too weak to keep the country secure. >> i'm stunned by the documents. i figured there were some documents. had no idea it would be like this. if i were the press secretary now i'd be chagrined to say the least. >> the warnings crescendo over three months' time. on june 25, he signed another sensitive cable where he cataloged what he called increase in violent attacks against western interest. including the use of the i.e.d. against the benghazi consulate that month. islamist extremist appears to be on the rise adding the al-qaeda flag has been spotted several times flying over government buildings and training facilities. >> the committee will come to order. >> 166 pages of internal state department papers released by two republican lawmakers. congressman darrell issa of california and jason chaffitz of utah. the regional security off
governor of arkansas mike huckabee joins us, media research director of analysis tim graham, fox news mid middle east affairs walid phares among our guests, but more bad news for the president as he and governor romney gear up for monday's final presidential debate. governor romney has erased most of the president's lead on foreign policy. mr. obama has lost 15 percentage points' advantage since september, now leading governor romney by a 47% to 43% margin. and two brand new fox polls in the swing states trending governor romney's way. the governor up 48-45 in florida after trailing the president by five points just last month. and the president's seven-point lead in the september ohio poll has been cut to three points, within the margin of error. joining us now for all the latest campaign developments, former arkansas governor, 2008 republican presidential candidate mike huckabee, also the author of "the new york times" bestseller "a simple government" and host of fox news channel's "huckabee" show. great to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: this is a slight lead to be kind and gene
evening. in the weeks before his death, u.s. ambassador chris stevens sent the state department several requests for increased security for diplomats in libya. stevens and three other americans were killed this past september 11 in a terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and, in a separate attack that same night on a safe house where the consulate staff had been evacuated. stevens' memos were obtained by the house oversight and government reform committee, which is investigating the attacks, and our sharyl attkisson got ahold of the memos today. >> reporter: ambassador stevens personally pressed for strengthened security in a series of cables to state department headquarters in washington. on july 9, 2012, stevens sent a request for extension of temporary duty personnel. that refers to a 16-man military temporary security team with expertise in counterterrorism. they were set to leave in august but stevens asked to keep them through mid-september. on august 2, six weeks before he died, stevens requested protective detail bodyguard positions, saying the added guards "will fi
. >> the right to vote allows us to vote for candidates or party and it is a significant way to have our voice heard. exactly 100 years ago, women were given the vote in california. the battle for women's suffrage was not an easy one. it took more than 70 years. a woman could run for president in new york. >> organizing this conference, basically it modeled itself on a declaration of independence for women. it marked the beginning of the women's equality movement in the united states. >> at that time, women were banned from holding property and voting in elections. >> susan b. anthony dedicated her life to reform. >> suffrage in the middle of the 19th century accomplished one goal, it was diametrically opposed to this idea. >> many feared it would be corrupted by politics. >> women in the 19th century had to convince male voters that having the vote would not change anything. that woman would still be devoted to the home, the family, that they would remain pure and innocent, that having the vote would not corrupt them. >> support gradually grew in state and local campaigns. >> leaders like ell
and founder of the sound bite institute. jim, you cover governor romney. a lot of us that have heard president obama's humor before. he uses it often. governor romney's not so much. got some good lines in there. do you think tonight would help him with likability numbers? do they look at it like this? >> i think so. i think the headlines tomorrow, might be governor romney, what about your laughs? because he was pretty funny tonight. he had some good zingers. i talked to a senior romney adviser who said in addition to doing debate prep, he was working on his material for tonight. and he clearly brought his "a" game. anderson, this is a window into mitt romney. he's a hyper competitive individual. he had to know that the president, because he was so well received, because this president does pretty well at white house correspondent dinners, that he needed to bring some good material tonight and he did just that. >> president obama approached the night a little differently. jessica, out to you. >> well, he's -- you know, he uses self-deprecating humor as one of his not-secret weapons. he's good a
. our next scene is going to move us from story telling that took place during the hindu temples and india into the mogel time in india this come from hindu and western cultures brought together. when the mogels came from persia to north india they saw the story telling and thought it was a beautiful art form. they were not engaged with the story but saw the beauty in the footwork and hand movement. they brought the dancers into their courts. they were a form of entertainment. so, i want you to put your imagination caps on. we will go from the forest into a beautiful mogel palace. there are velvet carpets and peacocks walking around. there are beautiful paintings and everyone all of you, the audience have come to enjoy the court and the king sits on his thrown in the corner twirling his mustache and he called for his dancers and they come to the room. you are here to be entertained by them. this is called taught. taught is a highly stylized tuning of the mind and body together. you will see very fast turns ending in sharp stances and things with our eyes and eye brows and our nec
-- republicans 202-585-3881. democrats -- 202-585-3880. independence -- 202-585-3882. send us a tweet by writing you can send us a tweet @cspanwj. our question for you this morning is -- how important is a sense of humor and a presidential candidate? it is inappropriate time and place? how much does it run true to you? let us look at coverage of the dinner last night. obama and romney go for laughs. switching from -- switching to jokes. they set aside an evening to make fun of themselves and each other. let us take a look at one of the clips. president obama at last night's dinner. [video clip] >> i have heard some people say, barack, you are not as young as you used to be. where's the peck and your stop? and i say, settle down. i am trying to run a cabinet meeting. he doesn't smile when he says it though. tomorrow, it is back to campaigning. two cities and towns across our great country. under the same thing everywhere i go. -- i hear the same thing everywhere i go. and i admit sometimes it can be a grind. sometimes it feels like this race has dragged on forever. but paul ryan assured me we had
it to make a difference. there are situations where use of force would make the situation much worse, that we should look at other things and not even consider force. but i think some governments have made the nation that the fastest way to end the conflict in syria is to arm one side over the other. it's not going to happen. they're only going to get more people killed. in the end they need to look for political settlement. >> staying with your answer to martin's question for just a second. you know the russianian leadership, you know that the russianians are concerned that once again their support for a chapter seven solution would come back to haunt them and the region. but at the same time they are paying a considerable price in the arab world where they have diplomatic equities and interests. do you see their position changing over time? >> i hope serve concerned at the moment because it is getting worse. i did discuss this with russian leadership. and he shared with me the concerns. i have tried in geneva to push for the question of chapter seven with them. on that they maintain that th
using wheelchairs and other disabilities. the polk street carlton b. goodlett entrance is accessible via a ramp and wheelchair lift. assistive listening devices are available and the meeting will be sign language and captioned. agendas are available in large print and braille. in order to accommodate people with severe allergies, environmental illnesses, multiple chemical disabilities please refrain from wearing skepblted products to mdc meetings or to the mayor's office on disabilities. this includes perfume, scented lotions, hair sprays. thank you for helping provide the meetings are fully accessible for people with disabilities. for people with disabilities or others who cannot attend the meetings in person, welcome to view our broadcast which is open captioned on sfgtv channel 26. you can also call the bridge line atary code 415-554-9632. thank you and again welcome to the meeting. >> thank you. roll call. (roll called). >> next we'll have reading and approval of the agenda. mayor's disability council friday, october 19, 2012. 1, introduction, welcome and roll call. 2, act
>>> the u.s. defense department is drawing up new issues. the move follows at rest of two u.s. navy sailors in southern japan. suspected of raping a woman. a pentagon statement expressed deep regret for the grief and trauma the assault victim may have endured. the statement says the department will soon announce measures to demonstrate good relations with the communities that host its forces. >>> european leaders have seen banks crumble one after another. they have seen a single supervisor ein countries that t the euro. the leader of the european union agreed to phase in a banking union next year. to achieve that they want to complete a legislative framework by the end of this year. a supervisor would oversee commercial bank as cros across o zone. >> the main priority was progress on the banking union. we also saw to clarify new concepts and to test the degree of support for various ideas in view of reaching conclusions in december. the leaders hope an integrated system will break a cycling of poor bank management and national budget problems. they also got an update on effort by greek lead
and investors haven't taken into account the impact of currency on these quarters. the u.s. dollar has been stronger during this quarter and europe being weaker and with technology companies having a more global exposure that took a real chunk out of earnings more than people expected that is hitting margins in unexpected way when everybody was hoping things would just hold in there they're really disappointing in big way. you're seeing stocks fall enormous percentages quickly. melissa: do you think these earnings are telling us about something that already went by or are they looking into the future and sort of telling us there's a global slowdown coming? that is what really makes me nervous. >> yeah, if it was just one quarter you could say maybe this was a little bit of an aberration but we're really starting to see a trend of progressive quarters starting to get slower and slower. seeing that out of china, economic growth quarter after quarter, month after month has been on the decline and the pattern is not going in the right direction. it going from the top left to the lower right whe
of enforcement process that we use is a penalty type process that, in the cases of people who aren't carriers or broadcasters, in other words people who don't hold licenses from the fcc are statutorily required as the first item of business to issue a citation to that entity and the point of that requirement is to alert this entity that they not specifically be aware that it's operating in a regulated space that the fcc is involved in. we have to tell them you are doing something that you're not allowed to do and then if they do it again after having been wanted, then we have the power to go ahead and start a penalty proceeding and the way that works and not to get too bogged down in the enforcement, is that we would issue something called the notice of apparent liability and the stems directly from the statutory enforcement procedures that the fcc has, where we tell the alleged wrongdoer what law they have violated, when we believe they did that and what penalty we are proposing to impose for that violation and give them an opportunity to respond to that. we then need to hear what they have
estimates. yes, google's search engine continues to see more use, but the prices google charges for its core search advertisement product fell. the number of times visitors clicked on search ads was up 33%, but the prices advertisers paid for those clks was downe 15%. >> the inventory how it goes the more clicks there are going to be, the lower it will cost people at the end of the day. >> then there's google's newest division >> tom: then there's google's ision, motorola mobility. in may, google spentis $12.5 billion for motorola's cell pho psiness. while motorola added more than $2.5 billion in sales in its first full quarter with google, s.the division still lost money, more than a half-billion dollars. because the news wasn't expected until after the close tonight, trading in google shares was halted for two and a half hours. it restarted with less than an hour before the closing bell, and the stock fell 8%, closinggh at a five-week low. james dix covers google as an analyst at wedbush morgan. james dix ins us at the nasdaq. i want to start with the ad rates, four quarters s row google
-pointing, reversals since day number one. since the number one u.s. consulate had four ambassador's killed including chris stevens. in nearly six weeks the president has refused to tell what happened, why, with the administrations is doing and the fact of the benghazi attacks on foreign policy. the administraton has tried to change their sory to rewrite the narrative eve as it unfolded. the miniry should focus was on the nti-muslim video as the cause of the tragedy. the secretary of state made no reference of ankind as a terrorist attacks. >> americans couldn't to religious tolerance goes back to the beginning of our nation. let me be clear. there is no justification. lou: only 40 minutes later esident made an appearance in the rose garden. he talked for five minutes much of that time talking about his september 11th merial duties and wounded four years in arlington cemetery and around the world then sd. >> no acts of terror will ever resolve this great nation, alter the character or eclipse the values we stand for. will not waver and our commitment to see justice is done. lou: preceded by reference
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